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Note: Site Criteria...... Your web site must be related to one of the many places that has, over the centuries, had Hessen as part of its name. Examples are Hesse, Hessen, KurHessen, RheinHessen, Hessen-Kassel, Hessen-Darmstadt, Hessen-Gießen, Grand Duchy of Hessen-Whatever, Großherzogtum Hessen, Landgrafschaft Hessen, OberHessen, NiederHessen, Kurfürstemtum Hessen, Herzogtum Hessen, Freistaat Hessen, Hessen-Nassau, Electoral Hessen, and (I'm sure), other similar names. If your site is dedicated to a village, town, city, or county only, then it must be within the geographical limits of one of the many "Hessens".

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About a researcher in Hesse who goes ONLY to certain towns:

Clem Schreiber only does research in the following places near where he lives: Ahlersbach, Altengronau, Bellings, Breitenbach, Breunings, Drasenberg, Elm, Gundheim, Gomfritz, Heubach, Hinkeldorf, Hintersteinau, Hohenzell, Hutten, Jossa, Klosterhoefe, Kressenbach, Marjoss, Mottgers, Neuengronau, Niederzell, Oberkalbach, Oberzell, Ramholz, Reinhards, Roehrings, Sannerz, Schluechtern, Schwarzenfels, Seidenroth, Steinau, Sterbfritz, Uttrichshausen, Vollmerz, Wallroth, Weichersbach, Zuentersbach.

He WILL NOT travel to other cities. He does not have E-Mail. Contact him about the costs of research with a letter wherein you identify everyone you are searching for and all the personal information you have about them. Don't send long, rambling narratives. Just the facts, like full name, date and place of birth, spouse, children, date emigrated, port, whatever! Make sure you state clearly that all you want at this point is an estimate of the cost. Include a self-addressed envelope and at least $4.00 cash for return postage so that he can send you an estimate. He CANNOT use USA postage stamps or stamps from any other country on your self-addressed envelope, so don't put them on there. He can only use German postage stamps for his reply and needs the $4.00 U.S. cash from you to buy German stamps (unless you purchase them in advance, from Peggy, above).

His mailing address:

Clemens Schreiber
19 Bergst
36381 Schluechtern


A gold mine of information for North Hessen, developed after 13 years of research in church registers, producing 220 villages and towns between the cities of Kassel and Bad Hersfeld, is found at...


The site includes, from west to east, Fritzlar/Homberg/Efze, to the border with Thuringen, presenting baptism, confirmation, marriages, and deaths, before 1830. These old registers have not been categorized, therefore the research is slow and painstaking. However, with the aid of the database developed from these registers, the site owner has cataloged 720,000 entries which he can access instantly.

In more than 20 years of research in the State Archives at Marburg, he has cataloged a large number of personal histories in sources found along with the church registers.

The researcher, Thomas Blumenstein, offers his services at a competitive rate, along with his vast knowledge and instantly accessible database, finding those persons and families who have been missed by other researchers. Bashing your head against your brick wall? See if Thomas can help you to cause it to come tumbling down once you employ his expertise.


We have had good reports on this researcher, but have no first-hand knowledge of his work and list him here only for your information. You can contact him about his territory and fees and ask others about the quality and results of his work.

Markus Weidenbach
Lessingstrasse 15
56299 Ochtendung

Phone: (011 49) 2625-956640
Fax: (011 49) 2625-956641
e-mail: genealogie.mw@gmx.de
Favorite research area: former Prussian Rhine Province,
Palatinate, Hessen-Nassau

Uwe Porten is a professional genealogist based in Bingen, Germany, with a geographical focus on Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden, and Hessen. We have several reported experiences with his services, wherein he is given a "very well done." His compilation and presentation skills are said to be very good, as well. He includes German language documents and accepts checks drawn on American banks. Please contact him for details and an understanding of the services he offers. E-Mail



DO YOU KNOW that nearly every city and county and state in Germany has its own webpage, many with an English language option? You can find them using a Search Engine! Always put a plus sign + in front of each word that MUST be in your response! Example: +City +Berlin +Germany. Use the Google search engine http://google.com for best results! Germany has its own official website locator at http://www.meinestadt.de .. AND -obviously- any reputable travel agency can make all the travel arrangements, or you can check out the hotel, restaurant, and other options at ./index2.htm! Go for it! Another option is to type http://www.townname.de in your browser. If nothing comes up, or you get a German advertisement in response, try http://www.stadt-townname.de (either way, just plug in the town name where indicated!)