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The Western Europe CD-ROM set contains information for 12.5 million persons, dating from the 1500s through the 1800s. Hessen is included (it was known as Hessen-Darmstadt). Record types are church and civil for birth, christening, and marriage, surnames A thru Z. Not all residents of Germany are included. These are not the actual documents, but an index of the documents available on microfilm. The 22-disk set (1 is a system disk) includes 8 for Germany, covering Baden, Bayern, Hessen-Darmstadt, Lippe, Oldenburg, Prussia, Thüringen, and Württemberg, for a total of just under 5 million records, generally from the mid-1800s. About 270,000 records are from Hessen-Darmstadt. The CD-ROM disk will reference microfilms on file in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the LDS Church. It will include the ancestor's name, sex, date of birth, date of christening, where the documents are found, who the parents were, and the Family History Library microfilm number and dates covered. You can order the microfilm by telephone, for viewing at your area FHC. The CD-ROM disks use actual spelling of a surname, or soundex; search by a range of years; search by gender; by duplicate names; by village, by county, and region.

8 of the disks cover Spain, 1 Italy, 2 France, 8 Germany, 1 Alpine (Austria and Switzerland) and 1 Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands). $27.00 U.S.

The North American Index is similar, covering 1631 to 1888 in the USA and Canada (about 4 million names) and costs $19.00 U.S. Obviously, not all residents of the USA and Canada are included.

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