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For Freedom's sake.

Debian is a great Linux distribution. If you're interested in a powerful webserver you'll want to look into Apache. So look around, enjoy yourself. You might want to look at my ancient howto on originally setting up this webserver, but be warned it's outdated. Perhaps you'd like to laugh at my also ancient rebuild of this system. Or you can read my thoughts on Sony's enormously stupid conduct, in relation to the PS3, GeoHot, FailOverflow, and the brilliant research they've done in discovering the private PS3 keys. I plan on analyzing their work and the code. I've been digitizing and transcribing and translating some very old church parish records for the town of Urloffen in my latest genealogy project. I have nearly finished digitizing all of the records for Urloffen prior to 1810. There is no point in digitizing past 1809, since the Baden Archives have already digitized all of those. My minor project is not on the same scale or quality as theirs, but it's usable for me. I recently rebuilt this after a disk crach replacing Gallery2 with PiWigo. My genealogy digitizing project is currently not restored. Soon, I plan to upgrade this site to a CMS system, or write my own, when time allows. Yeah, right.

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