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What do you get, whien you mix one computer geek, a locked server which is upgraded to a new version of debian, and very old server hardware?


You get sparkly new and shiny hardware, a geek locked in his room for three days and a new server, running twice the cpus, 40 times the memory, and a qaudrupling of the CPU speed with a tripling of the computers bus speed, and a doubling of disk space.

Yes, my old server served me well for seven years, on a single CPU. Sadly, the motherboard has gone flaky on me. So, I've built a new server. I've doubled the disk space, but only because at the last minute I decided to keep the new terabyte drive at home for now.

Granted, I could have had this server back up in a matter of hours, but I got:
1) sidetracked,
2) gto 1.

What, I did do, though was thoroughly burn in my new hardware.
I used memtester and cpuburn

Now cpuburn is very cool. I did notice a few things though (2018 UPDATE: this was a very old version, so may not apply anymore). If you run more than one copy of cpuburn (aka burnP6, for modern Intel chips) per core then you won't maximize the temperature. The CPU actually runs just a tad bit lower with more processes. I've also seen reference that burnBX make the CPU run hotter than burnP6. That simply did not happen for my cores. They actually ran about 10 degrees C lower running burnBX. I didn't test against burnMMX. burnMMX is probably a better burn in process with modern Intel chips. Also, it's not a bad idea to run memtester, with as much memory as you can allocate, while simultaneously running cpuburn. It will totally max out your system, If it can survive 15 minutes under that load, you can consider your system burned in an ready for production. Be forewarned, this could damage your system. But it's a good tool to use to test it to make sure it will stand up under worst case scenario load. You should also run a memtest86+ for a day or two. And that is where you get three days in a room with a new server! Of course you don't need to stay in the room for three days. ;')

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