The "Hessische Familienkunde" (Hessen Family Histories) is a publication of the 'Studies of Families in Hessen,' appearing quarterly. Once each year the publication "Hessische Ahnenlisten" (Hessen Ancestors List) is included. The cost is Euro 5,00 .... Remember that the use of the comma and decimal point are reversed in German. Read Euro 5,00 as Euro 5.00 in the USA.

The previous versions of this publication (1948-52) are available under the title "Der Hessische Familienforscher: Mitteilungsblatt der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Familienkundlichen Gesellschaften in Hessen".

The source is .....

Lupold v. Lehsten, M.A.
Institut für Personengeschichtliche Forschung
Schwanheimer Str. 133
64625 Bensheim

Tel. 011 49 6251 62211
Fax. 011 49 6251 62271

Include $4.00 for return postage when ordering.

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