Hi Def Blue Raise Keys

Oh what is in the number 09, if not a word
A word is a sign, like f9, which is absurd
If the number 11 is a crime, then what is in a mind
If the number 02 is also in a mind, then what is the crime
Of what is hexing my 9d, that is so very hexing
the sweet sound of 74, is so pure that it could sing
In all the world is there any e3 that is worth comparing
with such a number so perplexing as that famed one 5b
and even if there was ever a number so perfidiuos as d8
no could ever suspect that the perfectly innocent number 41
could ever be assigned the blame for that terrible 56
And if you're blue and need to sue there also that rare c5
with which to assualt your poor huddled masses, alas poor 63
is nearly akin to our poor captive slave whose name is 56
But don't let Maxwell Smart ever forsake our dear friend 88
Alas in the end the high definition must submit before the glory
of our last great agent whose secret is is plainly in sight
of that last digital virtual devider the dearly departed number c0

brian j. densmore


copyright 2007 brian j. densmore
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.