The addition problem on the page that linked to this is an electronically encrypted message. Hence decrypting it might just be illegal in the US because of the DMCA.

Also on that page is aword, that many will think is mispelled, but it is not. I invented that word and just may decide to patent it.

Of course, this could all be a joke on my part, but how can you tell?
Or perhaps part of an elaborate parody. Better be safe though, you wouldn't want the MIB to come knockin'.
;') ;') *nudge* *nudge* KWIM KWIM
Last but not least I am not mistaking Agent 86 for Agent 88.
Ok, really lastly, Just because a right isn't enumerated in the Bill of Rights doesn't mean it should not be fought for with every breath you have. I'm nobody special, but have some famous ancestors and many who have fought and some who died to bring to life and preserve the ideals of this American experiment.