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DUDEN: Family Names. 20,000 surnames, their origin and interpretation. 750 pages plus a THICK surname index list. German language only. Like new, hard back, beautiful cover. Limited maps, photos of distinguished surname bearers. (DUDEN: Familiennamen, Herkunft und Bedeutung von 20,000 Nachnamen, Mannheim, publish date 2000. Surnames normally are the same regardless of the year of publication.) ($20 + $5 postage bookrate.)

Windspeed 8: The Emigration Ship. The sail of a German ship from Bremen to New York in 1855. The ship and everything on board duplicated, right down to food ("menu" included) and clothing, passenger list, route taken, length of voyage, port of arrival. Children and animals included. Captain's Log included. Shown on TV and as a motion picture in Europe.Two video DVDs plus an explanatory insert. ALL in the German language only, new condition, viewed once. Sells for $28 in Germany, plus you pay postage to USA. You witness what your ancestors endured on the long voyage. Route taken clearly indicated. I was invited to write the "Forward" for this series but higher officials determined that it should be a German author. (Windstaerke 8: Das Auswandererschiff.) ($15 + $5 postage bookrate.)

SIGNPOST for the Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau, assembled from the standards on hand 31 December 1972. Index of the church office (Parish office, by town name or district only), name of the town where they get their mail (name only, no address), identity of each "church community," number of Evangelical (non-Catholic) and Catholic residents per town, county. Good+ condition, German language only. No exact street addresses; just town or district where items are stored. Although the book is "old", items stored normally remain in the same place. Columns used, example: District of Giessen, church communities of Londorf, Robenau, Allendorf, Population, Evangelical, Catholic, Other. (WEGWEISER für die Evangeliche Kirche in Hessen und Nassau, Ergänzung nach dem Stand vom 31. Dezember 1972.) (FREE + $5 postage bookrate).

ENGLISH LANGUAGE "A Social History of Hesse, Roman Times to 1900". Definitely a history book, photos, maps, narrative, like new condition, location and subject index, no surname or genealogical research index. $20 + $5 postage bookrate).

Karl Dienst, "A Short History of the Evangelical Church in Hessen-Nassau." Like new condition. Large fold-out maps in color and B&W. 53 pages. Church boundaries in Germany are not the same as governmental boundaries. German language only. A church district often overlaps the boundaries between two German states. Topics include the reformation movement in Frankfurt am Main, "People's Churches," "the National Church," and others. "Schoenberger Hefte - Sonderband / Kleine Geschichte der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen-Nassau." ($10 + $5 postage bookrate).

Illustrated History of Music. 800 pages, pages fair to good condition, cover good condition, no marking on pages, includes inserts of original sheet music. German language only. (Illustrierte Musikgeschichte von Emil Naumann, Neu bearbeitt von Eugen Schmitz, Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig, 1890.) ($50. + $5 postage bookrate).

History of Art. Volume I & II. Ancient and Old. Cover in fair to good condition, pages are beginning to yellow. Narrative. German language only. (Geschichte der Kunst, von Karl Woermann, Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft Berlin, 1915.) ($20. + $5 postage bookrate).

The Life and Works of Richard Wagner in Pictures. Copies of original music, photographs, drawings, narrative. Volume I & II. In good condition. German language only. (Richard Wagners Leben und Werke Im Bilde, Vien und Leipzig, 1913.) ($50. + $10 postage bookrate).

The Bible in Pictures and Narrative. Cover in fair condition, pages are yellowing, binding is broken but not separated. The index to drawings is in the front of the book. German language only. (Die Bibel in Bildungs Erzählung, Louise Seymour Houghton, Amerikanische Tractal-Gesellschaft, New York, 1890.) ($5. + $3 postage bookrate).

Johann Goethe, Poems in Temporal Sequence, Volume I & II, leather bound, good condition, pages are beginning to yellow, 1200 pages in small print, German language only. Each hand-held volume measures 4x6.5 inches. (Goethes Gedichte in Zeitlicher Folge, Leipzig, 1916.) ($25 + $5 postage bookrate).

Johann Goethe, Faust. Volume I & II inside one hard-covered book. Condition good, pages are beginning to yellow, 385 pages in small print, German language only. The single hand-held book measures 4x6.5 inches. (Goethe: Faust. Deutsche Bibliotek Berlin, undated.) ($15 + $5 postage bookrate).

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